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Armed forces move men and materials to various locations and at times through very difficult terrains. This poses challenge to communicate their location while moving men and materials. Army uses various check posts deployed strategically to record their movement  and pass information to the central command whenever the information is sought.
Some times the army depends on local Telecom networks, where available and many a times use its own communication links to transfer information. This poses a challenge as the entire process is manual and depends on individual attention. The date and time stamping of the actual arrival and departure of vehicles carrying the men and material along the transit point can be automated with combination of various technologies like RFID and GPS technologies available today .
We provide intelligence and information gathering kits in miniature forms for covert operations. Our kits use state of the art technologies to log authentic information from sources aided by latest communication technologies.
Looking for night vision devices? We supply night vision devices for combat operations. Ask for technical guidance and information on various generations of these devices.

Asset Management

Armed forces have wide-variety of assets that are distributed and deployed at various units. Assets like vehicles, Guns and ammunition in stock keeping units have to be transferred to various destinations and records have to be maintained in more effective manner for strategic reasons.

Uniquely identifiable RFID tags attached to assets ensure, they are issued to authenticated personnel.


Fuel Management

Fuel limits can be enforced with proper authorization. In addition to this tagging vehicles with RFID tags can benefit in devising specific POH and ROH maintenance schedules
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