RFID Based Mobile Payments

We provide RFID Based mobile payments and Cashless payments and also We develop mobile applications for Telecom, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Micro finance transactions Micro, Retail, Event Management, Digital Marketing, Security/LMS and much more

RFID based mobile payments

We develop  mobile applications for :

  • Telecom
  • Micro finance transactions
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Event Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Security/LMS

Move Towards :

  • NFC based loyalty management
  • NFC based Canteen management
  • Prepaid Gift cards/ tokens/ tags
  • NFC based Prepaid cards in semi closed loops
  • Digital Coupons
  • NFC Tags, Key FObs, Cards, Wristbands
  • NFC wallets
  • NFC based Parking management
  • NFC Mobile

Switch to Cashless Payments

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets enabls the provision of banking services to those traditionally excluded from banking facilities. These services can be provided both in-market and cross-border and include:
• Cash loadings
• Cash withdrawal
• P2P payments
• Bill payment
• International money transfer

Bill Payment

Identium’s bill payment solution enables bill payment intermediaries to offer bill payment services to utility companies and other organizations. These services would then permit subscribers to pay bills such as post paid mobile phones, school fees or professional body annual fees. edit button to change this text.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking enables subscribers to access their bank account and carry out banking transactions using their mobile phone. These transactions include Balance enquiries, Mini-statements, Inter-account transfers, Third party transfers, Utility bill payments, Transaction statements.


Direct Top-Up enables subscribers to directly recharge their prepaid call credit and that of others without the use of vouchers. This can be done via their own phone, another phone, the internet, kiosk or ATM. Alternatively mobile phone contract holders can top-up subscribers’ phones on their behalf. This option enables the transfer of credit from one individual prepaid account to another.


This service enables mobile subscribers in supported donor countries to transfer cash directly from their mobile phone to the mobile wallet of their family and friends in the recipient country. This is done either by directly debiting their mobile phone account or by debiting a previously registered credit or debit card.

Geo Location Authentication

Geo Location Authentication (GLA) enables card issuers to verify the location of customers when there is uncertainty as to transaction validity.


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