Feature Extraction | Analytics | Cognitive Intelligence 

We work with algorithms for facial recognition and feature extraction. We integrate these into various applications for authentication

Face can be scanned by cameras the minute a person enters the door/premises. Most installations rely on security personnel manning high-megapixel digital cameras to identify uninvited guests.  Biometric face recognition technology is relatively new, but it has the potential to change strategic installation surveillance forever.
Two types of facial recognition biometric screening  systems :
  • Dumb Systems
  • Smart Systems
Dumb systems automatically detect human faces and grab a snapshot of every person entering the premises for later use.
Smart systems do that too, but also analyze the face of each guest and compare them against the images of undesirables in the database. If the system finds a match, it alerts security.
There are many potential use of this technology and we have developed algorithms for facial recognition and also algorithms for various feature extractions like smile, blinking of eye, emotions etc.
We  integrate our algorithms into various facial recognition applications for identification, security, beauty, loyalty management,mobile, eCommerce, online advertising, social media, travel, e-payments, e-education and authentication at various levels of transactions.
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