Integrated hospitality solutions by Identium

Hotels, restaurants, resorts vie each other for more clients and to provide enhanced experience to their patrons. RFID technology provides security as well as full proof revenue collection mechanism with out any pilferage during high volume transactions.

We provide liquor dispensing solutions using RFID technology to precisely track the number of pours bartenders handle during peak hours of business in bars, night clubs.

Identium provides complete solutions for the hospitality industry. We provide guest management solutions including Tamper proof RFID/ proximity cards in various form factors such as credit card sized cards, key chains, wrist bands. We also custom build access control cards in various shapes and sizes for user convenience.

Identium provides solutions to manage janitorial services.

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Clubs & Gyms

Identium’s Clubaccess club Management Software is industry specific software designed with feedback from the health and fitness industry. When you choose Clubaccess you really are using software designed by your industry for your industry


  • Member Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Customised Reports
  • Class Management
  • Correspondence and Mail Merge
  • Retail Management
  • Front Desk Administration

Amusement Parks & Family Entertainment Centres :

  • Ski Resorts, and adventure sports management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Management of rental and safety of equipment
  • Access control
  • Lockers management
  • Evacuation and location management
  • Cloud based solutions for multiple resorts and mobile alerts
  • Registrations and Electronic mobile wallets
  • Branded Wristbands
  • Branded cards
Custom eco-friendly & bio-degradable wristbands to manage your prestigious Events!
Manage your enterprises with our cloud solutions. We deploy necessary hardware and software with Integrated Payment Gateways

Spas & Beauty Salons

We provide solutions to manage beauty salons and spas.
We deploy technologies for better visibility of processes in management of customers.
Cloud based solutions include Integrating all beauty related services into a single system with provision for unique ID for individual case Identification, Bar-coding/ RFID (for easy data capturing) and smart cards for payment transactions & Loyalty Management .
Information delivery to customers’ smart mobile devices. Mobile applications for availing services.

Restaurant Solutions 

Consumer behavior has changed over the past few years primarily due to social and digital media and the increasing use of mobile smart  phones replacing desktop computers. At identium, we have understood the need for highly user friendly applications to complete such transactions

We provide solutions to manage Restaurant operations.using Tablets and smart phones.

Party Buzz : Be a Perfect Host!

Whenever you are planning to host a special event, such as a birthday celebration, a wedding, a corporate event or for any other occasion, contact us to take care of your guest management. 

  • Wedding sangeet        
  • Birthday Invitations
  • Reception                  
  • Return Gift/ Gift card management (We organize gift packs at cost specified)
  • Guest invites                
  • Corporate parties
  • Invitation cards           
  • Rides and Parks
 Together, we will discuss your requirements and collaborate in making the occasion a memorable one.
A team of dedicated planners – full of ideas and creativity – will ensure that your event be enhanced with greater guest experience and the latest technology deployments for safety and security.
  • Access Control
  • RFID Tagged Invitations to evade Duplication and keep gatecrashers away
  • Guest/Visitor Management
  • Cashless Payments
  • Social Media Integration
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