RFID Jewellery Management Solutions

We provide RFID Jewellery Management Solutions and jewellery tracking system to keep track your jewellery items. And manage your inventory. Even if the items are tagged either with printed tags or bar-codes, each piece of jewelry has to be manually handled to be counted. Often, this operation has to be performed using trusted employees and resources that could otherwise be used elsewhere. 

The current processes for inventorying jewelry are manually intensive and hence, are prone to errors. Clearly, the stores need a better solution and the Assetracker from Identium Jewelry Software offers an ideal solution.

RFID Jewellery Management Solutions

RFID Solutions to keep track of those Precious Items!

Shelf reader systems can provide the most accurate inventory mechanism at each and every moment throughout the day. These systems involve installing a series of readers and antennas throughout the shelving system of the strong room. The advantage of this system is that it requires no staff intervention in order to read the RFID tags. It is very accurate and it continually reads the location of each item in inventory. 

We deploy the shelf reader systems at economical cost and engineer perfect installations. IP addressable shelf readers ensure real time monitoring of items and can be monitored through dash boards. If the jewelry items are large in dimensions, this sort of installation provides robust and real time monitoring solution.
The authorities may choose to deploy a reader at the point of issue. For example, one such system places jewelry items on trays that are read whenever the trays are carried into and out of the vault. These trays can be read with antennas at issue counters. 

Whenever a staff member moves a piece of jewelry, the items are placed in an RFID enabled tray and this allows the authorities to monitor, how often a given item is handled or shown in at counters with date and time stamp and reconciled for the inventory purpose. This discrete reader system will work whenever jewelry is passing through the read zones. It also allows to inventory items whenever requested and moved based on the  schedule.

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