RFID Race Timing Systems

Our RFID race timing systems work with an uniquely identifiable tag attached to the numbered bib. Simply allocate the bibs with integrated tags to the runners and the results are guaranteed.

For running, cycling, duathlon or triathlon events, we offer a full event timing service using customized UHF RFID Timing System.

We use state of the art RFID timing equipment to time each runner and post results on the website. Each runner is individually identified and linked to the results. We provide international standard bibs and UHF tags for fast recording of data captured by our UHF RFID timing equipment.

Our Marathons attract thousands of runners who choose to make their Marathon experience more meaningful by running on behalf of a charity and a cause. These runners train with goals for personal bests in their marathon time as well as in fundraising. With every step you take and the money you raise, you can help organizations doing important work in our societies and touch the lives of those in need.

Reach out and participate in our Marathon campaigns for national and global causes.
Race TIming shoe tag
RFID Race Timing Systems

Exceptional RFID Race Timing Solutions

Athelates, Runners, corporates can order personalized bibs and we program tags for specific event.

Track Your Adventure Gear

Cloud based solutions for data analytics, hardware and software for payment transactions

Personalized Bibs And Shoe Tag

Identium offers incredible customizable solutions to choose from to enhance race timing management


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