Prisoner Management Tracking

We provide prisoner management tracking solutions in Jails to monitor the movement of staff and convicts, using RFID technology. Contact us today for the identity management of inmates and the staff managing the premises.

Technology is taking over the world many steps at a time. Technological advancements are occurring every day with much of it going unnoticed by the average individual. 

One technology in particular, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), has replaced the bar code system because of its many positive qualities, one of them being its easy tracking
capabilities.1 Imagine, for example, a scenario in which you walk into a grocery store and proceed to shop. 

When you are finished shopping, instead of checking out at the register, you walk out of the door and go home. That very brief scenario is possible with the use of RFID technology; stores would have an RFID reader placed above the doors and in every product.

The consumer would have his own personal RFID tag that is linked to his or her personal bank account and proceed to go about their daily lives without having to worry about long lines or checkout delays.

We provide tamper proof identification systems for criminal management. 

Perimeter surveillance using CCTV, Acces Control Systems and Solar power fencing
Prisoner Management Tracking

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