RFID Home Automation Systems

We provide RFID home automation systems for enhance security and comfortable living. At Identium, we understand the change in scenarios and deliver tailor made solutions to enhance the comfort of every Home owner.

With MNRE thrust and focus on generating renewable energy from Solar and other sources and announcing net metering policy to give credits for the unused power generated and feeding the grid, The home owners can install security devices and automate home appliances to save and optimize power utilities

Authentication solutions
From Video door phones to secure surveillance cameras and authorized entry systems, we can automate the entire home and personalize to individual requirements. The devices will be connected to the personal portals..

Net metering

When your home is equipped with a renewable energy source (such as wind or solar power), it sends the excess energy that’s generated back into the grid to power other homes. An electrical converter called an inverter turns the DC (direct current) power coming from your renewable energy source into AC (alternating current) power, which matches the voltage of the electricity flowing through the power line.


As the excess energy is being generated, your power meter spins backward rather than forward, giving you a credit that you can use to pay for your future energy use (you can roll over excess electricity to your next bill, just as many cell phone companies let you roll over minutes).


If you’ve generated more energy than you’ve used, your electric company may pay you back for the extra power at the prevailing rate. If you have market-rate net metering the utility company will pay only a wholesale rate, which is less than retail and won’t earn you anything (it’s kind of like giving away your extra energy), but you’ll still save on your overall power bill.

RFID Home Automation Systems

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