RFID Solutions For OT Management

We provide RFID solutions for OT Management which is help Operation Theaters to manage the inventory during and post surgery for effective count of disposables as well as surgical instruments.

Managing the requisite Surgical instruments and disposables for a particular surgery helps in optimization of surgical procedure and helps in inventory management.
Understanding Surgeon’s requirements and their preferences during surgery can reduce the surgery time and clean up operations.

Experienced surgeons optimize the processes and complete the entire operation in few steps. Surgical operations have to be performed with precision timing as in military drills and ensure the devices, surgical instruments, the swabs and other medical disposables used are counted and moved for recycling.
We also manage Hospital theater linen for contamination control and effective sterilization procedures.
We study the entire process in use and suggest and devise methods to plug wastages and effective control of inventory. We also provide RFID solutions for sample management.
RFID solutions For OT Management

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