RFID integration with Healthcare & Pharma

Patient Management is one of the important aspects of Hospital Administration. In large hospitals, which can accommodate thousands of patients, patient management becomes a challenge.

Counterfeit medication is a global problem on a massive scale, not just in terms of fiscal cost to manufacturers but in terms of potential risk of harm to patients believing that they are using the drug prescribed to them but possibly using a diluted medication, a substituted harmless placebo or even a dangerous replacement for the real drug. Using a combination of a Tamper Evident Security RFID Labels applied to the patient pack and Tamper Evident Carton Sealing Tapes used to seal the bulk carton containing drugs in transit, offers extremely high levels of protection against theft or counterfeit items being supplied.

More and more hospitals today are embarking on the Technology path to streamline their internal operations, improve efficiency, reduce errors and hence result in overall “Patient Satisfaction”.  Identium has identified the following functional areas where AIDC can be deployed in hospitals:
  • Admissions
  • Laboratory
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Blood Banks
Auto Identification and Data Collection using Bar-coding technology, mobile computing and wireless technology enabling the access to the fast, accurate and online information led the healthcare industry to
  • Streamline its existing procedures
  • Improve efficiency in operations
  • Reduce operational cost.
  • Enhance promptness in service delivery.
Once deployed in these areas, the Barcodes/RFID can help track patient records, specimens, blood samples etc and thus leading to a fast and error free system

We Are Here To Serve You

Most accreditation standards require that patient records be maintained electronically. We assist in such initiatives and add value with RFID technology to make retrieval and movement of the records effortless and transform your hospital into an efficient, modern paperless enterprise.
Invite us to work with you to provide solutions to eliminate medication errors at bedside with RFID wristbands. We provide intelligently simple solutions to address some of the pain areas you come across in patient management.

Our Solutions can be applied at :

  • In patients at Point of care

  • Patient registration/ Out patients

  • Surgery.. Color seggregation as per standard Patient types

  • Maternity/ NICU/ incubator/ isolation wards Medical emergency
  • Access control/ ticketing systems

  • Medical camps.. Blood donation camps

  • Patient attendants

  • Disaster management  segregation of patients
  • Day care patients

  • Operation room patient management

Healthcare Identification / Admission system

RFID tags > both disposable and reusable silicon bands
  • Bio safe..skin friendly materials
  • Wash Proof
  • Tear resistant materials
  • Tamper evidence ( adhesive and buttons)
  • Writable surface
  • Pre printing of Hospital logos, Name and markings as per departments requirements
  • Bacterial and Fungicide coated
  • Multiple colors and designs
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