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RFID Library Management System

We provide RFID Library Management System and library security system in libraries to saves library staff’s time by automatizing their tasks.

An establishment that uses RFID library management saves a book reader, precious time that he would have been spent, waiting for his turn in a queue for borrowing or returning a
book. Taking care of books and making them available to the book readers are important tasks. Most of the library staff’s time is spent in recording information of incoming and outgoing books.

RFID Library Management System

RFID tags and Readers for Library Management.

  • Patron Cards, Personalization of library. Contact us today for following type of labels
    ♣ Barcode
    ♦ RFID
    ♥ EAS
    ♠ EM wires

Digital India Solutions - Archiving data

We provide turnkey solutions to automate library operations as well as supply consumables such as RFID/Barcode labels, patron cards for existing installations and provide turnkey solutions for modernizing library operations using barcode/rfid technologies.

Custom-made Library Solutions

Libraries are now looked upon as information centers, where information is gathered, stored and disseminated to its members. With the ever-increasing sea of information, this modern function of the library is becoming very complex and tedious to handle manually. The librarian has to devote most of his time to handing such functions of the library. He does not get time to guide the people to the right books for their information needs.

Library Automation System is designed to meet the needs of all information seekers. Academic researchers can search the world’s library collections using a seamlessly integrated client. For the librarian, Library Automation System provides simple interfaces to catalog new books, manage patrons, create reports and control budgets and acquisitions.

We provide state-of-the-art workflow automation technology.We empower you to establish organization-wide  best practices with no bottle necks. Streamline program planning, information capturing and real-time delivery to the right person at the right time.


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