Unique design in mind for your corporate identity?

We bring up your asset, ID tag designs with your corporate Identity

Identifum provides complete solutions for every industry.

We provide guest management solutions including Tamper proof RFID/ proxinity cards in various form factors such as credit card sized cards, key chains, wrist bands.

We also custom build  Hotel room access control cards in varoius shapes and sizes for user convenience.

The cost effective access control solutions

Combination of technologies

We offer solutions using Biometrics, RFID and GPS technologies.

Guest Recognition systems

We provide solutions to identify Patrons well in advance and enhance customer experience during their stay, by providing value added services based on their known preferences, using passive UHF RFID membership cards and strategically positioned readers.

For sports events, concerts, mass transit, visa, passport or other ticketing applications, RFID Access Control systems streamline ticket issue and validation. RFID card transponders can be issued to individual customers and enabled for specific time periods; and these tickets can be read remotely to increase throughput at entrances and gates.

We offer a full line of Access Control proximity cards and readers, stand-alone units, contactless smartcards, smartcard readers, reader/writers, door controllers, access control panels and software for Personnel Access Control in industries, data centers, research labs and educational institutes.

We design RFID entry tickets in the form of

  • Credit card size cards
  • Wrist bands
  • Key Fobs
  • Paper tickets
  • Mobile pouches
  • Mobile charms
  • Custom designs