We Specialize in transforming Educational Institutions into Smart Campuses

Smart universities adopt Smart campus enterprise level management systems to give students unique experience while they are on the campus. We provide models to self fund the smart campus systems

We provide solutions with RFID technology for campus management, which include time attendance of students and staff, access control as well as utility services like library, Lockers, canteen and recreational facilities.

Throughout your institution, campus cards based on iCard contactless smart card technology perform multiple functions such as:

Physical access to classrooms, labs, offices, residence halls and recreational facilities.

Logical access to workstations, networks and information.

Identification for library checkout, transportation and other services.

Cashless transactions for food service, vending machines and laundry.


Integrated Campus Management: 

Single Card – Multi-Services: A multi utility smart card system enables users to access various services over the campus network with a single smart card.

Efficient & Effective Campus Services: iCard system automates the processes in a campus thereby significantly enhancing the efficiency & effectiveness of services offered.

Centralized Administrative Control: iCard offers greater visibility of activities across all departments & users thereby enabling better control, pragmatic decision making, & meticulous implementation.

Reduced Operational Cost: iCard integrates multiple processes seamlessly and prevents duplication & repetitive manual effort thereby providing substantial operational cost savings.

Security and Accessibility: iCard has in-built security mechanism to track any unauthorized access or any unauthenticated activity thereby further reinforcing campus security.

Revenue Generation & Control: iCard generates additional revenue fort he institution by enabling upfront collection of student expenditure in the campus. Further, the institution will be able to control & regulate the revenue of the vendors in the campus.

Extensible: Allows campuses to start with one module such as copy/print and add applications to transition to a full campus card solution

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