RFID Delegate Tracking Management And Access Solutions

Get extensive access and RFID delegate tracking management with long range RFID technology. Improve your meeting productivity and delegate management by tracking their RFID access all day long.

Our products and solutions deliver tangible benefits to a wide range of businesses, industries and organisations. Our RFID tracking management and access systems offer real-time visibility on any location during your event.

RFID Delegate Tracking Management

Semi Automated System


  1. Delegate Arrives at Registration Kiosk
  2. Person Registers Delegates details in the Application and the data is stored in a central Database
  3. Delegate is issued a serialized wristband with a Unique RFID tag
  4. Tag ID is mapped with Delegate details and stored in Central Database


At the Point of Entry:

  1. RFID Controller along with a Micro-Computer connected to an LCD display will be present
  2. RFID Controller can be affixed to a wall
  3. At the point of Entry, Delegate will flash the wristband onto the RFID Controller.
  4. On successful validation with the central Database, the Delegate details will be displayed onto the screen in the desired format(eg : Welcome to the 15th Smart Cities Conference Mr. X)



  1. Increase Brand visibility : Display Sponsor Logos on TV Screen Background and Wristbands
  2. Transparent Ticketing : Avoid Fake and unwanted access to the event with secure RFID Wristbands & Tickets
  3. Automated Access Control : No Manual Scanning or Checking of Badges etc, our system automatically authenticates a guest when the wristband is flashed onto the RFID Reader
  4. Email Campaigns : We have offer an optional Email Integration feature, wherein an Email with Sponsor Information, timing of events is sent out when the guest is authenticated at any of our Entry/Exit Points
  5. Cashless Payments : We offer Cashless payment solutions at events to remove the hassle of digging into your wallet every time or Merchants overcharging for your cup of coffee.

Automated System

RFID Conference Badges are PVC/paper/Cardboard Badges with Multi Color Lanyards, widely used for Personnel Tracking in Conferences

An RFID Tag is integrated into the Regular Conference Badge .

RFID Readers are set up at the entry, Exit and Choke Points. When Delegates Come close to these Choke points, the Point of Arrival Time is automatically entered into the Database.

Emails, SMS or a Name Display can be triggered at this time

Benefits :

1. Automatic Tracking of in & out of Delegates

2. Know how many Delegates are present inside the venue at a give point of time

3. Trigger SMS/Emails to Host informing them when an important Delegate has arrived or Left

4. Display Personalised Welcome Messages for Each Delegate Automatically when the Delegate enters that point

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