RFID For Perfume Industry

We provide RFID for perfume industry in store solutions for better customer experience at point of sale and authenticity verification. From manufacturers with RFID technology. 

We offer tagging strategy for the perfume packages at manufacturing stage and ensure authenticity of the product and ensure the anti counterfeit measures are in place in supply chains. Our solutions conform to GS1 global standards and electronic product codes.

Counterfeit perfumery is a global problem on a massive scale, not just in terms of  eroding image to manufacturers but in terms of potential risk of harm to users . Using a combination of a Tamper Evident Security RFID Labels applied to the original pack and Tamper Evident Carton Sealing Tapes used to seal the bulk carton containing perfumes in transit, offers extremely high levels of protection against theft or counterfeit items being sold at outlet stores.

rfid for perfume industry

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