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We would like to be a leading provider of comprehensive, vendor neutral and hands-on RFID Training center, and also we understand the challenges faced by engineering managers and help them implement RFID successfully to improve business processes. Identium offers Training Programs that fit your individual organization needs.

We enhance the skills of everyone from the beginner to the most knowledgeable technical professional. Our Curriculum is designed and taught by Industry domain experienced RFID professionals and address the essential elements of RFID technology and implementation.

While undergoing training at our centers, Identium’s Instructors are available to share their real-world implementation experiences with the scholars and guide them in finding the right solution for their individual environment..

Modular Approach in Training

Rather than segregating branches of a business to assorted sessions, Identium offers a interconnected approach that builds a basis for understanding without compromising task related refinements.
This modular approach allows companies to send entire teams of employees to a single block of sessions for “RFID Team Training.” By establishing a common ground of understanding from day one of the training, all levels of the organizational chart can communicate effectively about RFID related issues.


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