UHF RFID Gate Manufacturer & Supplier

We supply RFID Gates & UHF Cards for Automatic Time & Attendance, Personnel tracking for Educational Institutions, Corporates & Government Organisations

The RFID Gates come in a pair, with inbuilt TCP/IP Ethernet /RS232 / USB /WLAN communication interfaces for Scalability

The UHF Gates work along with UHF ID cards or UHF Tags Pasted on Plain PVC ID Cards is a walkthrough solution for Automatic Time & Attendance, there is no need to flashcards saving time & energy making it a very convenient process

Rfid Uhf Gate Reader Provider in India

UHF RFID Gate Reader Components

rfid password vabinet locker

Software Capability

rfid gate components


rfid gate walkthrough

IDentium UHF RFID Gates

uhf rfid gate for attendance and time management

Time & Attendance

RFID Gates & UHF Cards for Automatic Time & Attendance in Schools & Education Institutions. Capability to send data directly to cloud server

rfid gates for school attendance

Library Anti - Theft

RFID Gates, UHF Book labels  for Anti Theft Tracking in Libraries. Inbuilt Relay for Alarm, Siren & Buzzer. Independent System with Inbuilt controller. Does not need Seperate PC. 

rfid gate for goverment and corporate

Conference Tracking

RFID Gates & UHF Cards for Tracking of Movement of Delegates in & Out of Conferences, Exhibitions

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