RFID Supply Chain Management

RFID Supply chain Management are two way processes and have to be enabled with technologies like Barcode/ RFID for better visibility. We provide solutions integrating technologies like barcode( 1D and 2D ), RFID, GPS and M2M technologies. With counterfeiting reaching alarming proportion and unsuitability of any other identification technology to ensure effective check on the menace, RFID security is the best solution. Small tags with its own unique serial number to record a product’s movement all along the supply chain, protecting against counterfeit and lost inventory can be the choice for pharma/ high value( branded) products manufacturing industry. RFID technology employing electronically stored data, quickly determines authenticity, making inventory secure and easier to manage through proven track and trace systems. Black market (drugs/products diverted from their supply chain and illegally re-entering the market), gray market (fringe manufactured drugs/products placed into circulation) and drug/brand counterfeiting cases are climbing at an alarming rate. This phenomenon is costing the pharmaceutical/Branded products industry substantial money.

RFID Supply Chain Management
  • Hologram labels
  • Hologram together with printable labels
  • Pre printed labels
  • Pre printed product labels with UPC Barcode
  • Pre printed 2D code labels
  • Pre printed RFID labels
  • Blank labels all sizes
  • Barcode generating software
  • Ribbons
  • Printers
  • Barcode scanners/ Vehicle mount computers
  • HHTs
  • Wireless LAN
  • Integration support
  • RFID inlays
  • Gen2 EPC consultancy
  • EPC labels
  • Turnkey solutions

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