RFID Event Management

We provide RFID event management solutions which can be easier and more efficient for both the customer and the business or management company.

Using RFID to control access in certain areas shortens the time visitors spend scrambling to find paper barcodes or crumpled tickets, reducing traffic backup in and out of secured areas and enhancing the customer experience.

RFID Event Management

We bring to You the Power of Unique Identification

Unique Identification - RFID Event Management Solutions

An RFID-tag/label can be integrated along with the entrance ticket of the trade fair. The ticket and its’ tag contain information about the corresponding visitor/owner. The visitor can enter the FEC by flashing at access gate where a reader antenna is implemented. The antenna automatically reads the tag and updates the server and location can be monitored.

The point of sale allows sales of contactless cards loaded with money, admissions,food and beverage, package deals, group discounts. Our system is packed with features, easy to use and allows transactions in seconds. Realtime reports can be generated and we provide analytics to see the trends and enhance experience of users.

Complete Solutions: Feature Packed Wrist bands in LF, HF, UHF and with ultra low cost chip modules and Wifi readers for fast deployments
Wristbands : Fun, fashionable,  Flexible.,  inexpensive.. custom made wristickers
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We enable process oriented businesses to reach to the next level of performance. FECs can be managed effectively with a contactless smart card to make all transactions leading to more enjoyable experience. Children and adults enjoy the comfort the contact less card our technology provides.

Whenever you are planning to host a special event, such as a birthday celebration, a wedding, a corporate event or for any other occasion, please contact us, to take care of your guest management.


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