UHF RFID Antenna - An Antenna for Every Industry

We are a leading Manufacturer of RFID Antenna based in New Delhi India.
We Manufacture and assemble UHF RFID Antenna at our facility in New Delhi
RFID Antenna are generally used in combination with fixed readers for optimum performance
Applications include: Asset Management, Electronic Toll Collection, Library gate, Inventory Management
Completely Made in India right from the housing to the Antenna Plates
Identium’s RFID Antenna Operate in the UHF Frequency Band 840 – 960 Mhz and support worldwide RFID Frequencies

We Having a wide range of RFID Antennas to fit an equally wide range of tags, readers, and systems. This includes UHF antennas, patch antennas, and linear or circular polarized antennas, Mat Antennas.

Each antenna has different strengths, and each fits specific types of systems. We’re here to help assist you in selecting the best RFID antenna for your application

RFID Antenna RUCA9
RFID Antenna RUCA12

RFID UHF 9 dBI Antenna RUCA9

• Reading Range upto 20m with Identium 4 Port Fixed Reader
• Compatible with all UHF RFID Readers
• Optional : Laser Marked Logo
• Mounting Bracket and Clamp Included
• 1 year Standard Warranty

RFID UHF 12 dBI Antenna RUCA12

• Antenna gain : 12 Dbi
• Polarization : RHCP / LHCP, can be customised on request
• Long Reading range upto 25m with Identium 4 Port Fixed Reader
• Wide Coverage Area


• Antenna gain : 8 Dbi
• Polarization : RHCP / LHCP, can be customised on request
• High Accuracy with a confined read zone
• Foldable and Easy to carry design
• Can be Singulated into individual mats of 1 metre

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