RFID File Tracking

Our solutions include RFID Document and RFID file tracking to enhance productivity, control theft & manage inventory by tracking the movement of files and important documents.

  1. The Documents & files are tagged using RFID tags, Readers are placed strategically at choke points to collect data on which file is moving in and moving out.
  2. Incase a file or Document is misplaced, a RFID Handheld Reader is deployed and the file can be found within a few minutes
  3. The backend software coupled with the RFID Hardware make for a comprehensive solution for accurate and reliable tracking of Important Files & Documents in an Organisation.
RFID File Tracking

Bank documents | Secure Invitations | Visa Processing | Insurance documents | Confidential Documents | Cheque Archiving 

RFID embedded files and documents tracking

Identification of documents for processing  in banks and other financial institutions is of paramount importance. Business requirements demand the documents are processed at high speed and transported with security, identified and verified at destinations. RFID/ Barcode technologies help to identify the documents quickly and ensure the documents are authentic and original.

Identium provides unique solutions for Banks, financial institutions, Corporate offices, legal offices & legal institutions, defence establishments to track and trace the documents on the move from one location to the other.

The Solution can also be used to track various Assets like Laptops, Servers, equipment in an organisation.


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