Solutions for Inbound & Outbound Logistics

Integration of RFID starts right from the raw material receipts. Whether incoming materials are bar coded or not, it’s the place you verify items, quantities, and ship dates, and make certain that they conform to the terms established with your vendors. Once the material is in-warded( received), Material and the location id is scanned using the ┬ámobile computer before they are placed in to the Rack/bin.

Dispatch : Pick list is generated and downloaded onto the RFID Handheld Reader. Picker keys in the vendor code to get available items to be packed. Material and the location code is scanned and then transferred for packing. Once the bin is ready for dispatch it is scanned for confirmation and also for the invoice generation


  • Ability to enter and access real-time accurate data right from manufacturing floor
  • Entire production process to be synchronized
  • Limited Human interaction
  • Transactions move quickly and error-free from warehouse to ERP System
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