We Supply RFID Stickers, RFID Inlays and RFID Labels.

Our Range of UHF RFID Tags include RFID Smart Labels, RFID Paper Tags, Printable RFID Tags.

Our RFID tags are Available in Roll Form.

Our Tags are sourced from the Best RFID Tag Manufacturers from all over the world.

We Provide High Quality and One of the widest Range of RFID Tags in India

UHF RFID Labels & Inlays

ID – 9640

Features :

  • Low Cost starting at just INR 4.00/tag
  • High Read Range upto 15m
  • PET + AL
  • Alien H3 chip

Applications :

  • Asset tracking
  • School Attendance
  • Inventory Tracking

Antenna Size: 94.8 mm x 8.15 mm

ID – 9662

Features :

  • Low Read Range
  • Suitable for ID Cards due to small form factor

Applications :

  • ID Cards
  • Badges
  • Wristbands

Antenna Size :74 mm x 20 mm

ID – RT6-P

Features :

  • Industry Best Reading Range and Sensitivity
  • High Performance Antenna Design
  • Tuned for best performance in difficult environment

Applications :

  • Race Timing
  • Asset Tracking
  • Event Management

Antenna Size : 120 mm x 8 mm

HF RFID Labels : https://identium.in/hf-rfid-inlays/

RFID Library Book Labels: https://identium.in/hf-rfid-inlays/

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