RFID Waste Bin Tags | RFID Waste Management tags | RFID Waste Tags

We Manaufacture RFID Waste Management tags for outdoor and indoor  waste bins

We also Manufacture tags for door to door Waste Collection.

Our Products Include Special Mount on Metal tags for Metal Waste bins, Plastic Bin tags, Wall Mount tags

Our Latest UHF RFID Tag IDentium Pallet TRAK offers a high read range and is the most apt choice for pallet Identification, Plastic Bin Tagging


  • Custom EPC+TID backscatter allows rapid tag authentication
  • Industry-leading write sensitivity of -14.6 dBm for unparalleled commissioning and bulk encoding reliability.
  • Industry Grade Materials for challenging environment Conditions
  • Option to attach Barcoded label on the front for faster tagging of items
  • High Read Range upto 15m

IDTS – UMMGT is a wide band EPC CLASS 1 GEN 2 Waste Management tag having excellent read performance on Metal Surfaces  which makes it useful in Metal Waste Bin Tagging, Household Waste bin Tagging and Metal Gate Mounting


  • Industry Grade Materials for challenging environment Conditions
  • Laser Marking & Engraving Available
  • High Read Range upto 20m