Wafer chips. COBs. Modules

We work with wafer, COB and module chips manufacturers for RFID tag production.  We test and bench mark these chips for their performance characteristics and supply them under Identags brand.

RFID tag Manufacturers can save substantial copper wire in LF tag manufacture with some of the low cost 64 bit chips, we supply for unique identification applications.

Chip on board ( COB) chips are easy to solder and does not require microscope assistance.

These COBs are available in 15693 and 14443A/B data transfer protocols. These specially suit tag manufacturers using copper wire antennas. COBs are less expensive than Modules.

We Supply in bulk wafer chips to produce LF, HF and UHF tags, labels and cards for various applications.

Most Organizations get their designs realized at various foundries around the world for low cost manufacture of the wafer.

Later these are converted into modules, by licensing to, wafer to module converters and partner them to ship their branded products to the distributor/end user

At Idenitum we benchmark and publish data comparing various chips available on the market.

Based on the purpose for which it is designed, we highlight features of the products.

Write to us today to save principal material cost in the production of RFID tags/ labels