Street Vending

RFID street vending licenses

Transforming & Streamlining Street Vending 

A viable self-employment opportunity

There are an estimated 10 million street vendors in the country. These vendors sell kitchen utilities, spices, bangles, electronic items, fashion accessories, clothes and various other items. Street vendors have been a permanent fixture on the Indian market scene, especially in the urban areas.
Our solutions are in line with street vendor policy. Provision for medical insurance to vendors and identification of various spots for relocation of street vendors and creating zones under special provisions and schemes.
 We innovate and provide unique solutions with GPS, RFID and biometric technologies.
In a 1989 judgement, the Supreme Court noted - “if properly regulated, small traders on the sidewalks can considerably add to the comfort and convenience of the general public, by making available ordinary articles of everyday use for a comparatively lesser price.
The right to carry on trade or business mentioned in Article 19 (1) g of the Constitution, on street pavements, if properly regulated, cannot be denied on the ground that the streets are meant exclusively for passing or re-passing and no other use."
We provide conceptual framework for managing Street vendors including :
  • Licensing
  • Regularization
  • Identification
  • Renewal information
  • Citizen awareness
  • Quality Control