RFID Smart Cards

RFID Smart cards are a combination of microprocessor technology, memory technology and packaging. In general the connections to the smart card are by the use of direct contacts or more recently using short range magnetic coupling. The later being called contact less smart cards or combi cards.

he intelligence built in the smart card can execute specific programs allowing high levels of security where the answer deduced by the application matches specific algorithm computed in the card. Smart cards are in use in many applications such as National ID, transportation and banking. Banks have started to use contact less smartcards as cash cards, where electronic money is in effect carried in the card securely as the contents are encrypted.

The cards can be recharged by means of automatic teller machines. With the advantage of contact less cards already making waves, combi cards are beginning to enter the markets. The benefits of combi cards are vast and these can be effectively deployed in airline e- ticketing applications.

The rfid based crypto smart cards means for the customer tension-free ticketing, no tickets to lose and no last minute queues for tickets on departure, together with greater opportunities for using self-service kiosks.

We supply chip modules for contact, dual interface as well as contact less cards manufacture at competitive prices. If you are a manufacturer or a user, we can suggest the right replacement for the application and provide cost effective alternatives.

RFID Smart Cards
RFID Smart Cards

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