Delegate Management and Access Solution with RFID



  1. Delegate Arrives at Registration Kiosk
  2. Person Registers Delegates details in the Application and the data is stored in a central Database
  3. Delegate is issued a serialized wristband with a Unique RFID tag
  4. Tag ID is mapped with Delegate details and stored in Central Database


At the Point of Entry:

  1. RFID Controller along with a Micro-Computer connected to an LCD display will be present
  2. RFID Controller can be affixed to a wall
  3. At the point of Entry, Delegate will flash the wristband onto the RFID Controller.
  4. On successful validation with the central Database, the Delegate details will be displayed onto the screen in the desired format(eg : Welcome to the 15th Smart Cities Conference Mr. X)



  • RFID Controller along with the micro Controller will constantly communicate with the Registration Site via WiFi or the Latpop’s Hotspot


  • This will ensure real time validation of guests and the whole process will be instantaneous and in real time


  • There will be no delay or lag and no Hassle of manual scanning of each wristband.


  • This Process will ensure the Delegates get a personalized Experience(the name of the delegate will be displayed in real time on the LCD Monitor) and the Management will be able to Validate all the Delegates. It’s a win-win Situation for both.


  • The process is very convenient, just Flash your Wristband and Enter!