RFID, Biometric Time & Attendance Systems with Geo – Fencing

Time & Attendance System is an essential to all types of Organizations, where in the management can track the employee or Staff or Contractors movement inside the premises..

We introduce Data Capturing Terminals to automate the management, collection, and distribution of employee hours in REAL TIME, making conventional time and attendance systems things of the past. Data collection terminals boasts robust, flexible pay rules allowing management to enforce complex work, reducing unwanted overtime and increasing accuracy throughout their organization by calculating this information automatically.

We supply RFID Time & Attendance Systems to automate the process of Attendance , In/out times

Time & Attendance Terminals :

  • Prox Based
  • Vicinity 15693 RFID based
  • 14443A based
  • Crypto 14443B
  • Dual protocol based
  • Biometric FP+Prox based
  • GPRS enabled
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