IDentium UHF 9dBi Circular Antenna IDTS – ULA9

Original appearance designed high-end UHF RFID Antenna, high gain but low standing-wave ratio brings best performance.

Engineering plastic housing(ASA Plastic), IP66 rugged.

Widely used for assets tracking, warehouse management, intelligent traffic management, vehicle tracking, production line management, intelligent weight measurement etc.

Download Technical Datasheet IDTS – ULA9

IDentium UHF  8dBi Flat Antenna IDTS – UFA8D


Powerful: Max RFID performance, reading distance up to 1-10m

Advanced: Excellent multi-tag reading function, >400time each second

Flexible: Could be installed inside of any cabinet, cupboard.

Application: Supply Chain Management, Jewelry Store Management, Document tracking, Refridgerator

Download Technical Datasheet IDTS – UFA8D

IDentium UHF  Low Gain Antenna IDTS – ULA

IDentium UHF Low Gain antenna is a low profile UHF Antenna

The antenna Offers powerful performance in a compact size.

It is ideal for applications where space is a constraint

Download Technical Datasheet IDTS – ULA