IDentium UHF 9dBi Circular Antenna IDTS – ULA9

Original appearance designed high-end UHF RFID Antenna, high gain but low standing-wave ratio brings best performance.

Engineering plastic housing(ASA Plastic), IP66 rugged.

Widely used for assets tracking, warehouse management, intelligent traffic management, vehicle tracking, production line management, intelligent weight measurement etc.

IDentium UHF  8dBi Flat Antenna IDTS – UFA8D


Powerful: Max RFID performance, reading distance up to 1-10m

Advanced: Excellent multi-tag reading function, >400time each second

Flexible: Could be installed inside of any cabinet, cupboard.

Application: Supply Chain Management, Jewelry Store Management, Document tracking, Refridgerator

IDentium UHF  Low Gain Antenna IDTS – ULA

IDentium UHF Low Gain antenna is a low profile UHF Antenna

The antenna Offers powerful performance in a compact size.

It is ideal for applications where space is a constraint

IDentium UHF Mat Antenna IDTS – UMAT

IDentium UHF Mat Antenna is a complete high performance ground mat antenna system, which is fully optimised for race timing and event management applications.

Features :

1. Detachable Mats – Each Mat can be detached and attached as per requirement

2. Foldable – Mat Antenna can be folded to save place

3. High Quality polyurethane, abrasion-resistant, load-bearing, anti-slip during rain

4. BNC Connector – Can customise the length of the cable

The UHF RFID Mat Antenna is an apt choice where stray reads & a limited area of reading is required.

Our Mat Antenna offers a high performance along with a compact form factor


IDentium UHF RFID 9dBi Circular Antenna IDTS – RULA9

★Product is beautiful, light weight, easy to install and use.

★Long Reading Range upto 25m using IDentium UHF 4 Port Reader

★Mounting Bracket Included

★Special Industry Grade ABS Body

★Waterproof level: IP67