RFID Solutions to automate retail Industry

RFID technology helps improve processes in inventory management, stock control, point of sale automation for every kind of retail business.

Identium has developed an intelligent system that helps retailers to increase productivity and minimize labor costs. We provide solutions to Monitor inventory, eliminating out of stock situations at peak time with smart shelves. This process provides shrinkage control and there by profitable business.

We provide the best tagging strategy for the retail goods from manufacturing stage, transit ware houses and finally at the retail outlet.

 For a typical retail outlet,once the stock is procured, The items are inventoried and database is updated. The RFID tags have an unique ID numbers and have the capacity to store certain data to recognize that particular product at the point of sale and cross check shrinkage.

 This intelligent system keeps track of the stock level by using the product details that are stored in the system database and alerting out of stock conditions. Sale transactions are also recorded in the database and by activating the tag, theft can be controlled . The system helps in automating the whole retail process in a secure way. IP surveillance cameras can be integrated to monitor the entire operations.

 With low cost RFID labels from Identium, Item-level RFID is on the way into the retail sector. High shrinkage rates, manual labor errors and poor product availability will be thing of the past! 

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