Unlike other biometric technologies such as fingerprint or face recognition, the palm vein scanner works by capturing the images of vein patterns that are inside the body. This makes palm vein patterns difficult to forge, and thus more secure. In addition, the palm vein scanner captures the images of vein patterns in a contact-less manner, which makes it more sterile and hygienic to use. Palm vein recognition technology also has one of the lowest false acceptance rates (FAR) and false rejection rates (FRR).

One of the main benefits of vein readers is that, unlike fingerprints that change during childhood, the palm and finger vein pattern is established in the womb and is constant throughout a person’s life.  The scanners operate on near-infrared light to read the palm vein pattern, which lies underneath the epidermis and so can’t be distorted by damage to the skin, age or the wearing of gloves.  Vein readers also benefit from being non-contact – a particular advantage in environments such as health care, where hygiene may be an issue.
We provide state of the art solutions for 2nd level of secure access control with Palm vein and hand geometry identification technologies.
We overlay the biometric data over unique IDs assigned to people accessing facilities within the premises.
Contact less Biometrics are Good for deployments in places where hygiene is top priority
  • Hospitals
  • Business schools
  • Clubs
  • Pubs
  • Malls
  • Conferences
  • Event management
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