RFID Enterprise Asset Management

RFID Enterprise asset management (REAM) Is  a system that produces process improvement from generation to the field. It is inventory, financials, warehousing, wires and pipes, and people. If we look at what exactly constitutes an asset, Increasingly, utilities are determining that virtually everything organizations possess is an asset — from the information stored in automated systems, recorded on paper, or even communicated by word of mouth.

Let us look at physical asset management, The offshore platforms and onshore operations utilzes various assets like jigs, rigs, pipes, motors, generators, valves, calibration equipment, regulators and gauges. These move to vendors and agencies who work with SLAs ( service level agreements) to keep the establishment and operations running.

We provide solutions to manage these assets at enterprise level and integrate data capturing devices to collect date and time stamped data for translating into useful information required by the management and production departments\


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