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The world of fashion is continuously adapting with consumer tastes and interests. Keeping in tow with a growing desire for heightened extravagance, the fashion world is responding with an exorbitant amount of luxe and exclusive designs. Deep diving into developments in couture fashion, runway collections and even premium lifestyle
At Identium, we understand the change in scenarios and deliver tailor made solutions to enhance the brand image for every domain, the luxury world caters to Authentication solutions
Instantly authenticate handbags and other luxury items on the spot. It is done by scanning embedded label on the surface of the luxury article, and checking them over reference database to check the item’s details and authenticate it.
Cloud based portal verifies the product authenticity and presents details for customer view.
Track & Trace Hangtags….. embedding tamper-proof tags for blocking Counterfeits seeping into  supply chains.
From Production studio to the luxury store.. Complete process authentication.
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