Museum and art galleries exhibits management using RFID technology

Inventory management at Museums and Art Galleries

Identium helps museums and art galleries/show organizers to modernize the inventory management process using RFID technology. We provide solutions to enhance the visitor experience during their sojourn at the premises with RFID/NFC mobile handhelds/ smart phones. We provide weather proof RFID tags for embedding/ attaching to the exhibits for asset management. The artifacts and their upkeep can be managed effectively through periodic inspections with date and time stamp.
We can custom build the tags with Museum logo and encode/ write the information from the enterprise database directly into the rugged RFID tag’s memory.
We ensure the tag designs, match with the decor of the display mounts.
Art Rental Services
These days, one can hire masterpieces from many art galleries, who provide rental services. These galleries offer art for rent to all institutions including hospitality, business organizations and healthcare clients. To ensure genuine works of art are displayed on your premises, you can insist on authenticity and Identium’s RFID tagged digital certificates as an assurance.
Art can soothe the mind and awaken the soul. It is also the most original choice for a gift to someone who has it all. So whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned collector, we ensure carefully chosen RFID tagged inventory is passed on to you. We work closely with art galleries to ensure you display master pieces and works of art from the original artists.
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