UID and Electronic toll collection

Government of India mandated the use of electronic identification of vehicles to collect toll on Indian Highways.

We have tested various readers for this application and supply RFID readers and also assist turnkey solutions providers.
We have designed tamper proof tags for use in such applications
  • 18000-C and tamper proof ¬†windshield RFID labels
  • Toll tag design can be custom built according to the Franchisee/ Toll management for better brand image management
  • Tamper evident/ disintegrates
  • Antenna Destruction/ label destruction
  • Unique vandal-proof & tamper-evident stickers for all types of vehicles for auto toll collection
  • UV protection
  • Holograms for additional Visual distinctive features
We provide support to system integrators and Government authorities to encode these tamper proof labels and deploy them as a service.
Parking management with NFC/ QR codes
  • State of the art parking solutions with smartphones to generate revenue as well as securing the premises.
  • We set up cloud based backend that alerts the revenue generated on periodic basis.
  • Generates printed receipts on bluetooth printer if needed
Efficient for managing Public Parking areas in: 
  • Theaters
  • Malls and shopping centers.
  • Office complexes
  • Places of worship
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