We provide¬ paint shop and welding, cockpit, chassis, assembly line automation¬ solutions to track skids, auto guide cars, conveyors using RFID technology. Production management servers can be populated with event triggered data through PLCs and industrial bus controllers.
We have experience to integrate RFID controllers with most Most PLCs in use in automobile industries. We provide RFID controllers in Serial, 485, USB, industrial ethernet, TCP/IP, Profibus,device net protocols widely used in automobile industries.
We supply ¬ RFID tags for fixing on¬ wind shield glass for tracking the vehicles in assembly lines and at toll gates.

‚ô£ Barcode (both 1D and 2D)¬ solutions for mandatory labeling requirements¬ in assembly lines/warehouses/ stores

‚ô¶ Work shop/ maintenance management

‚ô• Dealers/Distributors management using RFID cards

‚ô Loyalty management using RFID cards

Write to us today to automate your information system with integration of¬ RFID controllers in assembly lines.