Turnkey solutions for Asset Management

We provide RFID labels/ tags, Barcode labels/ tags, Desktop encoders and readers/ writers, hand held scanners, gate readers and  software adopters to seamlessly integrate into your Enterprise software.

Identium:#1 RFID Solutions

Asset Management is an area where lots of information is required to be entered into the system to keep track of organization assets on periodic basis. This manual data entry into the system is automated using Bar Code/ RFID Technology to integrate into  existing Asset Management System.
The system consists of Bar Code/RFID Printer/encoders, Long Lasting Polyester Labels, Portable Hand Held Terminals and Wired/ wireless Scanners. Bar Code/RFID encoder/ printer is used to generate labels for each asset as it is procured.
We provide solutions to automate your asset inventory process and control shrinkage.